Department of Educational Surveys and Data Processing

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The department conducts educational surveys on Census basis and undertake issue based studies / sample surveys to develop a robust and comprehensive database for monitoring educational development and other aspects of current educational reforms. This helps planners and policy makers in making decisions in planning at macro and micro levels. At times various committees and commissions have recommended for institutionalizing educational surveys with a fixed periodicity of five years by creating relevant infrastructure from national to district level.

The role and functions of the Department are to:
  1. Conduct educational surveys and undertake thematic studies on sample and census basis;
  2. Create, maintain and periodically update the educational database at the national level;
  3. Provide useful data on various aspects to state and national agencies engaged in planning and implementation of various schemes;
  4. Provide training in quantitative research methods using statistical package, and
  5. Provide central facility for statistical analysis of data pertaining to large-scale surveys / studies / projects conducted by the different constituents of the NCERT.